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Entity Theatre presents
THE Dim – A Halloween Radio Play picture: Peter Heinz

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) — Be prepared to face your most significant fears! WNTT Radio Theatre offers some of the scariest, creepiest, most shocking limited stories from the deepest catacombs of radio plays tailored to the stage.

Three Skeleton Quay by Georges-Gustave Toudouze
The Shadow Individuals by Richard Thorne
Furry Monster by Alonzo Deen Cole
The Explain to-Tale Coronary heart by Edgar Allen Poe
War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells – adapted by the LMU English language creating group

Carried out reside from 28 to 31 Oct 2021, 7.30pm, at the new THX-licensed
4K-online video-able Amerikahaus auditorium (Karolinenplatz 3, 80333 München).
Listeners at home can tune in to the Dwell broadcast on Halloween night.

MunichNOW Evolve Fitness Munich

Tickets are 15 € complete rate/8 € concessions (learners, persons with disabilities). VIP
“Kulturfreund” tickets are 25 € and consist of a assured very first row seat. Get your
tickets online:

The celebration is not suited for kids below 12 a long time of age. The location is wheelchair

In cooperation with Amerikahaus München.

Entity Theatre presents THE DARK - A Halloween Radio Play photo: Peter Heinz
Entity Theatre provides
THE Dim – A Halloween Radio Perform image: Peter Heinz



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A few Skeleton Quay by Georges-Gustave Toudouze
Three gentlemen tending a lighthouse on a distant island uncover on their own lonely no much more when an deserted ship carrying terrifying guests will make landfall. Nightmare becomes fact as the island is swiftly overtaken by a horde of ferocious, blood-hungry rats. When the monster rats break into the lighthouse tower, a daily life-and-death wrestle ensues as the guys look for to help save them selves by fleeing to the prime of the lighthouse, with very little much more than a steel trapdoor between by themselves and their impending doom. Will the three adult males endure the rats and ever make it off 3 Skeleton Quay?

The Shadow People today by Richard Thorne
Sally is reading through in the library of her home late a single evening when she senses that she is not on your own. Someone… or some thing is there, observing her from the shadows. Pursuing a whisper to the pitch-black hallway, Sally feels an evil existence as a massive, hulking condition creeps toward her. She swiftly switches on the light and the shape disappears! What accurately is lurking in the shadows, and what does it want from Sally? Leave the lights on as you hear to this darkish and frightening tale of a youthful girl’s fight to survive the evil that is closing in about her – The Shadow People.

Bushy Monster by Alonzo Deen Cole
Barbara Turner inherits a big mansion and grounds from a unusual old girl named Hawkins and moves there with her young brother and aunt. The mansion will before long be all theirs if Barbara carries out the odd wishes in Mrs. Hawkins’ will, which includes living there continuously for one calendar year and sleeping in a particular room each individual evening for at the very least three hrs, all by herself. The unwitting new tenants at the stairs of this major home will quickly find out about the mysterious connection concerning the abnormal inheritance disorders and a peculiar creature that leaves 6-foot-prolonged hairs powering – The Bushy Monster!

The Tell-Tale Coronary heart by Edgar Allen Poe
In comfortless surroundings, a younger person programs and commits the “perfect crime” to rid himself of the horror of enduring his landlord’s “evil” eye. When a detective stops by on a fairly different make a difference, it results in being apparent that the youthful guy has tiny to dread. The only trouble is, he cannot halt the pounding of the dead man’s heart. Why can not the detective hear it? As the pounding grows, witness the insanity of a guilt-ridden murderer in The Notify-Tale Heart.

War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
Keen to ascertain as soon as and for all no matter whether humans are alone in the universe, a discipline reporter recounts stay gatherings while a massive crowd gathers at the landing web-site of a weird, cylindrical meteor. As tentacled website visitors from Mars arise from the cylinder, it immediately turns into crystal clear that they did not arrive in peace. Chaos erupts as the Martians assault the bystanders with heat rays and spider-like tripods descend upon New York City, dispensing deadly black smoke as considerably as the eye can see… Is anyplace risk-free? Is there any one left? Have the Martians taken above the planet? Hear to find out if humanity can hope to survive this Martian invasion in War of the Worlds.

Make contact with: Katrin Fegert (, 0176 210 593 64)


Entity Theatre presents THE DARK - A Halloween Radio Play photo: Peter Heinz
Entity Theatre offers
THE Dark – A Halloween Radio Play image: Peter Heinz

Director’s statement

The War of the Globes by English author H. G. Wells 1st serialized in 1897 by Pearson’s Magazine in the United kingdom and by Cosmopolitan magazine in the US has inspired seven movies, as well as various radio dramas, comic-e book diversifications, video online games, a selection of television series, and sequels or parallel tales by other authors. The most well known, or notorious, adaptation is the 1938 radio broadcast that was narrated and directed by Orson Welles. The to start with two-thirds of the 60-minute broadcast were being offered as a sequence of information bulletins, usually explained as getting led to outrage and stress by listeners who believed the functions explained in the plan to be real.

Tonight’s adaptation was impressed by a 1971 radio broadcast by WKBW in Buffalo, NY and designed suitable to our time and spot by Untold Tales, the LMU English Language Writers’ Club.

Entity Theatre presents THE DARK - A Halloween Radio Play photo: Peter Heinz
Entity Theatre presents
THE Dark – A Halloween Radio Play photo: Peter Heinz

Cast & Crew

Director: Jim Nellis
Producer: Katrin Fegert

Forged (in alphabetical purchase): Alexander Siebert, Brianna Goins, Bogdan Tabacaru, Cristina
Richardson, Daniel Beaver, David Kinsella, David Viita, Elif Bilge Kavun, Esther Gilvray, Jennifer Blastorah, Jennifer Mikulla, Jodi Pfleghar, Kumar Barua, Ladan Shahlaei, Marc Lachance, Silvia Pfleghar, Susan Voight

Phase Manager: Birgit Mueller
Specialized Director: Daniel Plappert
Assistant director (A few Skeleton Quay, The Shadow Persons, Furry Monster): Bogdan Tabacaru

Costumes: Susan Voight
Hair and makeup: Adriana Godrid
Graphic design and style and images: Peter Heinz
Web site and podcast: Roger Voight
Copywriter: Emilee Bonner
Front of residence: Andy Biggs
Lights: Daniel Plappert
Sound design and style: Andrey Korotkov
QLAB audio playback: Christine Fuß
Reside broadcast: Andrea von Eichhorn
Stage palms: Mattias Carlborg, Ogdon Waggoner

Make contact with: Katrin Fegert (, 0176 210 593 64)

Entity Theatre presents THE DARK - A Halloween Radio Play photo: Peter Heinz
Entity Theatre presents
THE Dark – A Halloween Radio Engage in photograph: Peter Heinz

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